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March 2024

Volume 22, Issue 3

In this issue: Laying the groundwork for future transport infrastructure, new report identifies 20 possible aerial urban cable car links, Chain of Responsibility in road freight transport, GPS lays out $20 billion in transport changes and much more.

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December 2023

Volume 22, Issue 2

In this issue: CILT Annual Awards, Cyclone Gabrielle by the numbers six months on, Kiwi developed light aircraft fights climate change impacts, shaping the future of New Zealand's land transport system and more.

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September 2023

Volume 22, Issue 1

In this issue: making New Zealand's freight system more efficient and reliable, 18,000 skilled workers needed for logistics sector, restoring and reinvigorating rail, transport activity funding allocation in 2024 and more.

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June 2023

Volume 21, Issue 4

This issue has an extended focus on floods and their impact on road, rail and logistics, and building resilience as severe weather events become more common. CILT also congratulates Dame Jo Brosnahan for her recent honour.

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March 2023

Volume 21, Issue 3

In this issue, find out about the southern hemisphere's first fully automated, customer controlled indoor container storage facility, the logistics of delivering vaccinations in Pacific Island nations, New Zealand's "Hydrogen Roadmap" and green air travel Hydrogen Consortium, a new industry developed forklift guide, challenges as cruise ships return to New Zealand shores and much more.

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December 2022

Volume 21, Issue 2

This issue celebrates the CILT NZ Annual Awards Dinner and our high achievers, and features a guest editorial from our new President. It also explores changes and milestones for rail in Auckland, decarbonising transport, sea rise, and a landmark decision which opens up new possibilities for vulnerable contractors.

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September 2022

Volume 21, Issue 1

In this issue we check out progress on the Ruakura Superhub, explore innovations in warehousing technology and self-driving trucks, learn about carbon footprints/net zero concepts and the damage air pollution does to Kiwis, understand South Island freight challenges, and get updated about flood damage compensation, the state of New Zealand roads, and New Zealand's new Public Transport Operating Model.

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June 2022

Volume 20, Issue 4

In this issue: New Zealand's first national freight and supply chain strategy, Budget 2022, embracing agile ecosystems through digital transformation, driving down emissions, advanced traffic analytics for public safety, and more.

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March 2022

Volume 20, Issue 3

In this issue: DHL's global COVID vaccine delivery logisitics, how Foodstuffs South Island is meeting pandemic challenges, the past and future of passenger rail in NZ, the future of global transport and of e-commerce in NZ, the enormous cost to NZ Tourism of closed borders, and more.

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December 2021

Volume 20, Issue 2

This issue focuses on long term planning for logistics and transport, the National Land Transport Programme, emissions reduction, congestion pricing, CentrePort, the future of aviation, the future of Auckland port and infrastructure requirements related to the increasing number of electric vehicles.

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September 2021

Volume 20, Issue 1

In this issue we review the OAG's latest audit of port companies, look at managing supply chain vehicle-related risks, and see inside New Zealands's Rail Network Investment Programme. We meet the 2021 CILT Young Achiever of the Year, explore the possible future of urban public transport, and take a tour of PrimePort. We look into user centric transport services, highlight the National Forum Decarbonising Transport 2050 Challenge, and lastly, look at how New Zealand's Public Transport Operating Model is working in practice.

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June 2021

Volume 19, Issue 4

In this issue we look into supply chain congestion in the context of the Suez Canal obstruction and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also explore the Government's long term plans for rail in New Zealand and recent research about its true economic value, along with a focus on decarbonising transport and the freight supply chain. We visit a decarbonised future, and Lyttelton Port, and lastly we call for nominations for the 2021 CILT Awards.

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March 2021

Volume 19, Issue 3

In this issue we celebrate our rising stars, delve into the trillion-dollar supply chain question and see what the He Pou a Rangi report means for freight. We also check in with Eastland Port, take a second look at drone technology and conservation, review CILT's mentoring programme, and consider how a proposed departure tax might benefit New Zealand.

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December 2020

Volume 19, Issue 2

In this issue we meet the winners of the CILT NZ 2020 Awards, explore the supply chain practitioner's career, visit Port Otago, understand toll road demand and revenue, and take a look at the nearly completed hospital ship Global Mercy.

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September 2020

Volume 19, Issue 1

Dear readers, please note that due to Covid-19 disruptions the CILT annual AGM and Awards 2020 dinner has been CANCELLED. In this issue we summarise the recent developments in the RMA field, dive into Port Taranaki and discover carbon-free, zero-emission electric ships. Also: how drones can help in an era of Coronavirus, and Rail Safety Week - a short week, but a long message.

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June 2020

Volume 18, Issue 4

In this issue we look at how our transport modes have recovered after Covid-19. We also report on the Oceania cruise market, Port Nelson, and how to know if someone should be an independent contractor or an employee.

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March 2020

Volume 18, Issue 3

In this issue we celebrate rising stars in our industry and a new CILT life member. We report on the 2019 China International Logistics Summit, explore the Draft New Zealand rail plan, and the future of Napier Port. We look at the reform of vocational education, the challenges of delivering infrastructure to far-flung corners of New Zealand, and continue our focus on electric vehicles and alternative fuel options.

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December 2019

Volume 18, Issue 2

In this issue we cover the CILT NZ 2019 Awards event. We also look at road transport as an urgent public health matter, restoration of the North Auckland rail line, our pathway from fossil fuels to sustainability, and a complex engineering challenge underneath the Auckland CPO.

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September 2019

Volume 18, Issue 1

In this issue we explore valuing freight transport time and reliability, our fuels for the future, and preventing deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

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June 2019

Volume 17, Issue 4

In this issue we ask, what will come next for transport electrification? We also take a look at the road toll in New Zealand and how to reduce it, the rebuild of the Waiho River bridge, and more.

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April 2019

Volume 17 , Issue 3

In this issue we dive in to the NZ Cruise Industry for an in-depth look at NZ's environmental regulation and supporting infrastructure. We also farewell our administration superstar, Marilyn Henderson, and welcome Andrew Stone stepping into the role.

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December 2018

Volume 17, Issue 2

In this issue we cover the CILT NZ 2018 Awards event. We also look at Australian light rail systems and lessons for NZ, keeping freight flowing after the Kaikoura earthquake, and CILT NZ Leaders for the Future programme celebrating five years.

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September 2018

Volume 17, Issue 1

In this issue we look at deviating vessels, the state of sleep in NZ's commercial transport operators, preparing for the future of electric vehicles and cross-border e-commerce in China, plus the usual mix of the latest logistics and transport news.

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