2017 Award Winners

Mentoring Scholarships

The CILT Mentoring programme matches people seeking to progress their careers to work with mentors who share their knowledge and insights from working in the transport and logistics sectors. The mentor provides support and assists the mentee resolve challenges through confidential, open and honest discussion.

Completion of Mentoring Programme Certificate:

Ginny Christians (certificate collected by Philip King, chair of the Waikato /Bay of Plenty Section)
Hamish Quinn (certificate collected by Keith Robinson, CILT VP and chair of the Northern Section)

Regrettably neither winner was able to attend, so both certificates will be presented at a Section meeting.

Philip King, Waikato Bay of Plenty Section Chair collects Ginny’s cert from Dr Jean-Paul Thull (left)

Keith Robinson President-elect and Northern section Chair collects the Completion certificate for Hamish from Dr Jean-Paul Thull (right)


Ports of Auckland Ltd
Christchurch International Airport Ltd

Winners of the 2017 Scholarships

Elizabeth (Liz) Anderson
Matthew (Matt) Wadsworth
Lisa Faulke

Elizabeth Anderson, Matthew Wadsworth, Lisa Faulke and Dr Jean-Paul Thull – CILT Mentoring Convenor

Life Memberships

Brian Plimmer, 25 Years Membership, Waikato/Bay of Plenty Section
John Power, 28 Years Membership, Southern Section
Roger Brown, 28 Years Membership, Southern Section
Reiner Tribbe, 38 Years Membership, Central Section

Brian Plimmer was the only one able to attend the event. Brian has been involved in the transport sector since the 1950’s including rural mail and courier services, air freight, the Commercial Road Users Association and various transport and freight committees for a range of industry groups and Chamber of commerce.

Cormac McBride, CILT President, presents Brian Plimmer his Life Membership Certificate

Academic Awards

MITO / CILT Scholarship

Winner: Jonathan Stewart
Runner-up: Gene Kapea

Sponsor: This award is sponsored jointly by CILT and by MITO.
MITO facilitates apprenticeships and industrial training for New Zealand’s automotive, transport, logistics, textile fabrication and extractive industries. The award is a scholarship for an emerging industry leader, that has completed a MITO or Tranzqual qualification within the road transport, logistics, ports or stevedoring sectors, to assist them with their further professional development.

Jonathan Stewart is presented his scholarship award by Rachael Dippie MITO

Gene Kapea is presented his scholarship award by from Rachael Dippie MITO

The Logistics Training Group Award

For the Top New Zealand Graduate in the CILT-UK Professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport 2017.

Winner: Corey Hartley

Sponsor: Logistics Training Group

Corey Hartley is presented with his award by Walter Glass – Logistics Training Group

The CILT Award

For overall (and sustained) outstanding achievement in a programme or project with a focus on Transport and Logistics taught in New Zealand leading to an accredited Postgraduate qualification 2017 .

Winner: Kirsty Curry

Regrettably Kirsty is overseas so was unable to attend. Nicole Timney, chair of the Southern Section received this award for her. This will be presented to Kirsty at a later date.

Sponsor: Dexion

Nichole Timney CILT Southern Section Chair receives the award from Craig Landon, Dexion, on behalf of Kirsty Curry

The Ministry of Transport Award

For outstanding achievement at Masters Level, in a dissertation or thesis with a focus on transport planning and policy, or transport and the economy, or supply chains and logistics or transport and environmental issues or some combination of these broad areas 2017.

Winner: Julian Joy

Sponsor: Ministry of Transport

Julian Joy is presented his award by Peter Mersi, Chief Executive – Ministry of Transport

Communication and Industry Awards

The CILT Communications Award 2017 for under 35s

This new award is to encourage the development of young professionals by providing recognition for articles in magazines or for presentations at Section meetings, CILT for workshops, industry conferences and forums.

Winner: Nick Flack

Sponsor: Dr Robin Dunlop, DRD Consulting

Nick Flack is presented his award by David Dunlop – DRD Consulting

The CILT Award for Implementation and Practice 2017

This is an award for the organization(s) or team that has demonstrated sustained excellence in supply chain management/logistics/transport implementation and practice. We have two winners this year, both of whom have embraced modern technology to manage their logistics activities.

Winner: JPL Group
Winner: Sistema

Sponsor: Cubic

Drew Muirhead, Chief Executive of Sistema received the award on behalf of Sistema presented by Dave Anderson Cubic Transport.

Rithesh Ramsing, head of supply chain and business improvement for Farmers received the award on behalf of JPL Group, presented by Dave Anderson – Cubic Transport

The CILT Award for Innovation in the Transport and Logistics Sectors 2017

The winner of this award must show a substantial level of success of the individuals or of their organizations involvement in the sector. This includes innovation in systems and technology in the new Zealand supply chain sector, public transport, cost effective innovation in safety devices, systems, procedures and regulations including care of the environment and bio-security in any aspect of the New Zealand logistics, transport or supply chain sectors involving the movement of people and freight. We have two winners this year.

Winner: Foodstuffs South Island
Winner: Port Nelson

Sponsor: Dexion

Jeff Cox, Manager Supply received the award on behalf of Foodstuffs South Island, from Craig Landon – Dexion. Brendan Thompson, who developed a lot of the details for this system was unable to attend the event.

Martin Byrne,Chief Excecutive Port Nelson received the award for the QuayConnect partnership between Port Nelson, Central Express transport company,O-I NZ, glass and bottle manufacturer and Wineworks, presented by Craig Landon – Dexion

Excellence Category Awards

President’s Award

The President’s Award is given on occasions for special contributions made by members to the Institute or to the logistics or transport industries. The 2017 winner has long been a member and supporter of the Institute, as well as being a leading global storage systems provider. The company was involved in the forward thinking,almost futuristic systems that were awarded prizes tonight.

In recognition of the company’s innovation & vision in the logistics industry, and for its professional support and services to Industry and CILT NZ, the President’s award is given to Dexion.

Winner: Dexion

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Craig Landon – Regional General Manager NZ and South America, collected the award on the behalf of Dexion, presented by CILT NZ President Cormac McBride

Young Achiever of the Year 2017

The purpose of the Award is to provide incentive for, and recognition of, young achievers who are actively involved in the day-to-day operation and development of transport and/or logistics in New Zealand. The prize is attendance at the next year’s CILT International Conference 2018, which will be held in Poland.

Winner: Liam Winter

Sponsors: Foodstuffs NZ

Vaughan Grant Foodstuffs North Island and John Mullins of Foodstuffs South Island, presented the award to Liam Winter

The Sir Bob Owens Award

The Sir Bob Owens award is for an outstanding contribution to the logistics, transport or supply chain sectors. The winner is someone who has promoted professionalism and excellence through leadership and example: they have encouraged young people to enter the sector and assisted them in their development, and they have provided personal leadership on a voluntary basis in the wider community beyond anything to do with their paid employment.

Winner: Emeritus Professor Chris Kissling

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Cormac McBride, Christopher Kissling and David Kriel

Leaders for the Future (LFTF)

The Leaders for the Future programme provides international leadership training in New Zealand and the UK. The initial programmes were developed for the Logistics and Transport industries in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. The programme tackles the issues that are challenging tomorrow’s leaders. It also offers insight and learning for leaders who know that to lead well, they must first focus on themselves. It involves learning from current leaders in the industry, about leadership issues confronting the sector and about how to lead in a new and rapidly changing environment.

The participants in the 2017 Course were presented with their Graduation Certificates.

Gareth Pert -Tranzliquid Bay of Plenty
Michelle Lewis – GHD Wellington
Aleisha Hunt – Netlogix Auckland
James Drummond – C3 Ltd Napier
Kieran Judge – KiwiRail Auckland
James Gleeson – Gleeson & Cox Transport Auckland
Shane Shang – Reach Logistics Auckland
Nigel Gear – Southport NZ Invercargill
Shane Carberry – C3 Ltd Gisborne
Jared Sherriff – Port of Napier
Shelley Tucker – Ministry of Transport Wellington

Leaders for the Future (LFTF) Graduates with Jo Brosnahan (front left) and Vicky Pond-Dunlop the course Leaders

CILT NZ thanks all National Sponsors, Mentoring Sponsors and Award Sponsors for their support.

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