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Opinion: Pathway from fossil fuels to sustainable resilient solutions in New Zealand (Part II)

While the previous article (Dec 19) focused on light motor vehicles (LMVs) and looked at the trends and opportunities, this article focuses on heavy motor vehicles. There is a big outcry for battery-operated trucks or hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and less for liquefied natural gas (LNG) or the idea of encouraging the industry to quickly adopt the latest diesel technology to reduce emissions. The first half of this article provides an overview of the broader socio-economic aspects of tackling change, whereas the second part focuses more on the technical details.

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NZ companies achieve world first BRC certification for wine

Looking to redefine the way our wines journey from grape to glass, QuayConnect’s model provides the ability for authentic NZ-bottled wine to reach international markets. Just three years later QuayConnect is an award-winning vertically-integrated consortium at the heart of New Zealand’s wine industry.

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