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The Future Of Transport

Most supply chain experts extrapolate volume growth and trade routes based on economic modelling grounded in current paradigms – more people mean more freight movements; higher incomes will mean more demand for goods. With the world changing so rapidly, can we be sure this model will remain valid in future?

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Managing vehicle-related risks from supply chain pressures

Acknowledging the interconnected factors that determine wellbeing are particularly complex in a supply chain setting, WorkSafe commissioned an evidentially based investigation of solutions to minimise vehicle-related risks that emanate from supply chain pressures in Transport, Postal, Warehousing and Manufacturing (TPWM).

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Theses prove their worth for transport planning and policy

In this article, we present a summary of the winning thesis by Elizabeth Anderson, which was submitted as part of her Master of Commerce and Management at Lincoln University, and the research report by Tim Munro, submitted as part of Massey University’s Master of Supply Chain Management, which was highly commended by the judges; both received ‘A’ grades.

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