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Operation Pacific Vaccinate

Getting COVID-19 vaccines to remote Pacific communities with limited infrastructure at ultra-low cold chain standards required close collaboration between a number of Government agencies, commercial providers, and the Pacific Island nations being supported.

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On the road again

How did New Zealand’s transport modes fare during the lockdown period, and how are they recovering post Covid-19? How did they adapt to the requirements for social distancing and contactless payments? What innovations did they introduce and what role did technology play? CILT NZ spoke to a number of organisations and operators across the modes – air, sea, road and rail – to find out.

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From booming to beleaguered – the Oceania cruise market

Covid-19 and the associated national lockdowns have hit the cruise industry hard. Operations were suspended from mid-March with ships laid up, crew gradually repatriated, and tickets refunded. Cruise executives now have the time to contemplate their future investment and business strategies whilst Covid-19 ‘lockdowns’ continue across the world.

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