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Port for New Zealand’s biggest city

The two years of global pandemic have been tumultuous for Port of Auckland. As the centre of New Zealand’s COVID-19 outbreaks it felt the effects of the pandemic more sharply than other NZ ports. COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on its performance and throughput, but there is hope that the port is entering “what is hopefully a better era”.

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Emissions reduction plan

The Climate Change Response Act 2002 requires the Government to publish the emissions reduction plan by 31 May 2022, after it gave itself a five-month extension in September, setting out how New Zealand will meet its climate targets.

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PTOM: netWorks expand, access increased, services more affordable

The Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) was envisaged as a collaborative opportunity for councils and bus operators throughout the country to plan, procure, and deliver a near perfect network service. In reality it has been a headache for many, in some cases leading to a decline in working conditions and a decrease in commerciality.

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