When you join CILT, you can join either as an individual or on a corporate basis. Your Membership runs for a year from the date that you join. For Corporate members, and members who joined prior to February 2007, the year runs from July to June.

CILT membership benefits

  • Keep up with national and international industry trends and their implications.
  • Benefit from CILT’s relationships with other related industry bodies.
  • Have your say on important issues regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Contribute to leadership provided to local government, forums and interest groups on relevant matters.
  • Undertake internationally recognised qualifications.
  • Enjoy opportunities for international job exchanges, arranged visits and conferences.
  • Belong to a 33,000 strong global network of transport and logistics professionals.

Membership grades

The Institute offers membership at different grades that reflect a member’s experience and qualifications. The grades also provide a path for the recognition of increasing professional development.

  • Associate – The first membership step, no qualifying criteria.
  • Member – First grading step for those working in Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain management and qualifying by experience or qualification.
  • Chartered Member – Second grading step for those working in logistics or transport and qualifying by experience or qualification.
  • Chartered Fellow – Meeting Chartered Member requirements, plus holding a senior position in the industry or, rarely, per eminence following appointment to senior position in industry.
  • Student Member – Enrolled in a recognized course of study in logistics or transport at a tertiary level within NZ, or a CILT International course.
  • Young Professional – This is a special encouragement membership rate to establish their standing as a CILT member for those under 35 years of age (DOB required).

Individual membership

Individual membership is open to people engaged in, or otherwise interested in, the profession of logistics and transport, and supply chain management.

When you first join you are graded as an Associate member of the Institute, and this grade has no qualifying criteria to meet. All you need to do is join online and pay the invoice that will be emailed to you, typically within a week.

Please ensure you include the invoice number and your surname in the reference fields.  If you have not received an invoice within a week, please email and copy

Corporate membership

Corporate membership offers businesses and organisations the opportunity to show their support for the Institute at the corporate level. Originally limited to 5 Associates and up to 5 ‘Young Professionals’ (under 35’s) who are employees, these individuals do not have to pay separate membership fees, so there are cost savings to join as a company.

The intention is that by introducing these staff members to the Institute they will appreciate the value of taking up this chance to expand their personal development, and become involved in the Institute’s grading programme over time as individual or Chartered Members.  We see this as a way to offer junior or less experienced staff a chance to become involved with the Institute as they develop their own knowledge and skills in transport and logistics.

The rules were subsequently extended to allow one of the Associate Members to be a graded member, thereby giving them access to the full range of benefits of CILT International membership, including voting rights within CILT, access to the International Knowledge Centre and the right to use the post-nominals of FCILT, CMILT or MILT.

Currently there are several corporate member employers which have exceeded the limit of 10 staff members covered by the group’s subscription, therefore the CILT Council has passed a Resolution to expand corporate membership to three tiers, allowing  employers to choose the level that best suits their aim of involving staff in CILT activities that will benefit their careers – forums, local events, meetings and international webinars addressed by top professionals in the transport & logistics industry from around the world.  The new tier structure is as follows:

Tier 1:   Annual subscription of $4,480, providing an entitlement to 10 graded members, 10 non-graded members (“Corporate – Associate”) and 15 Young Professional members (“Corporate – Young Professional”) – 35 members in total.

Tier 2:   Annual subscription of $2,240, providing an entitlement to 5 graded members, 5 non-graded members and 10 Young Professional members – 20 members in total.

Tier 3:   Annual subscription of $895, providing an entitlement to 1 graded member, 4 non-graded members and 5 Young Professional members – 10 members in total.

Note:      Fees are GST-exclusive.

To establish a new corporate membership, all an employer needs to do is click “Register your Corporate Membership here”, complete the form, selecting the desired Tier for their group, and pay the invoice that will be emailed to you, typically within a week.

Please ensure you include the invoice number and your company name in the reference fields.  If you have not received an invoice within a week please email, cc

After paying the invoice, please email advising all individual staff names to be included under the group, then ask them to: ”register themselves online”, selecting the “Corporate associate” option.  We will add them to our database to ensure that they receive all communications from CILT, as for individual members.

To amend an existing corporate membership (i.e. add or delete staff) at any time, please email with the required changes and include new members’ emails so they can be contacted to register online.

Annual membership fees



Entry (Associate) $190
Member (MILT) $225
Chartered Member (CMILT) $260
Chartered Fellow (FCILT) $290
Student undertaking transport & logistics study or CILT International course (requires proof of enrolment) $75
Young Professional (with DoB under 35 years) $100
Retired Members (all grades) $135

* Fees do not include GST

Grade reviews

The Institute is essentially an organisation of individual members. The Chartered grades of CMILT (Chartered Member) and FCILT (Chartered Fellow) are recognised internationally as indicating that the holder has reached a standard of experience and knowledge in the transport and/or logistics sectors.

Members can apply for regrading. You need to apply on the form below, and this together with a full CV (photocopies only please) is then forwarded to the Grading Committee for consideration.The CV should list your experience and qualifications particularly in relation to Key Performance and Key Knowledge areas, as set out on the form. These form the basis for the Committee’s consideration.

The signatures of two Chartered Members are required. These serve as references for the Grading Committee. If you have difficulty obtaining these, please let the National Office know and we can help you.

Become a member!

Register your Individual Membership here.

Register your Corporate Membership here.

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