September 2018 articles

An aging truckie workforce

The average New Zealand heavy truck driver’s age is 55-years-old, and about 25% of the country’s class five drivers are over 65. It’s one of the industry’s greatest concerns.

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NZ companies achieve world first BRC certification for wine

Looking to redefine the way our wines journey from grape to glass, QuayConnect’s model provides the ability for authentic NZ-bottled wine to reach international markets. Just three years later QuayConnect is an award-winning vertically-integrated consortium at the heart of New Zealand’s wine industry.

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The Courier Case and what it means for you

Independent contractors who provide courier driving services are mounting a claim in the Employment Court, arguing that despite the terms of their contracts, they are employees. In this article, Jackie Behrnes and Gwen Drewitt take a look at the difference between employees and independent contractors and the potential significance of this case.

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