December 2022 articles

Auckland network rebuild

Kiwirail recently announced that major work will be required to bring the formation of the Auckland Rail Network up to scratch, ready for the workload that the City Rail Link (CRL) will impose on it, and for future growth beyond that. Logistics & Transport NZ caught up with KiwiRail’s Chief Operating Officer Capital Projects David Gordon to talk about the project, known as the Rail Network Rebuild (RNR).

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Decarbonising transport: Let the market decide or help it to?

In sectors like electricity generation, or polluting manufacturing, system-level changes can be implemented by influencing the behaviour of a manageable number of players. In transport, however, decarbonisation does not occur until millions of vehicle-owning households choose to adopt cleaner transport technologies or modes. Influencing their choices is much more challenging.

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2022 a year of achievements for City Rail Link

The City Rail Link is now past the halfway mark and has achieved some significant milestones this year. Catch up with Dr Sean Sweeney as he summarises achievements to date, which include completing the final of four tunnel breakthroughs at Te Waihorotiu Station in Auckland.

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