March 2021 articles

Are drones the key to future-proof conservation?

Samuel Vye, co-founder of Tauranga’s Envico Technologies (formerly Environment & Conservation Technologies), discusses with Daniel Dunt the future of drones in conservation efforts, problems facing the industry, and why this innovative technology is not only for big business.

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CILT Mentoring Review

CILT Mentoring has been active for quite a few years now and it is timely to remind CILT members about the programme and how it can be positioned as a core part of your leadership development programme. It is an excellent opportunity for senior management to provide rising talent with the opportunity to reflect upon their career, their life & dreams and learn from mentors.

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Workforce Development Council’s Orders in Council Proposals

Vocational education is undergoing a big transformation since the introduction of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), and government highlights that industry will have a direct say in training and skills through the establishments of Workforce Development Councils (WDCs). The WDCs claim to become a powerful voice for industry and their communities to ensure New Zealand’s workforce will be fit for now and the future.

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