2023 Award Winners

The CILT Annual Awards Presentation Dinner was held at the JetPark Hotel Auckland Airport on October 27, 2023. It was an opportunity to celebrate excellence across the transport and logistics sectors.

Awards Dinner Sponsor: ViewPoint Supply Chain

Academic Awards

A2 – the Walter Glass Memorial Scholarship for study in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport (Sponsored by Academy Global)

Mark Robilliard of Sandfield receiving the award from Chelsea Abcede of Academy Global.

Mark Robilliard with Walter’s widow, Tessa Glass.

This is a new scholarship to undertake training with Academy Global for CILT qualifications. The award is a memorial to the late Walter Glass of Logistics Training Group.

B2 The Napier Port Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Transport and Logistics Sectors

From left: David Kriel (sponsor of the award), Jeff Darby from Dexion (the winner), Prof Charles Clifton from Auckland University, and the designer (Zhenghao Teng) of Dexion.

The award is for a project or initiative that addresses a challenge uniquely faced by an organisation and includes integrity in relationships and innovation in the application. Nominations must demonstrate the uniqueness of the solution, which represents outside-the-square or cutting-edge original thinking, as well as the beneficial impact on the organization.

We received some very interesting and strong submissions in this category, and we have had some great winners over the years. This year’s winner stood out in all aspects. They presented a solution that will be of benefit throughout New Zealand; in fact, this will have a worldwide benefit for any country that experiences any sort of seismic activity. All businesses try to engineer for earthquakes to enable business recovery and continuity to be established as quickly as possible.

For the manufacturing and logistics sectors, it’s often the pallet racking system that determines the speed of return to business normality.  With heavily loaded racking structures, the seismic energy can be a killer, both for the Employees, the structure, and the products in storage.

Our winner tonight, Dexion, has developed, tested, and proven their own solution, called the Friction Slipper Base Plate.  After a worldwide search, they decided to design, test, and manufacture their own solution in New Zealand. This system has been commercially deployed, and its main aim is to offer greater seismic resilience to selective pallet racking systems. 

It is summed up very nicely by Professor Charles Clifton of Auckland University’s Faculty of Engineering as the biggest single advance in seismic resilience since pallet racking systems were invented.

B3 Dexion Award for Safety Made Simple

Jeff Darby of Dexion presenting it to Joe Smedley of Lyttelton Port Company.

The Safety Made Simple Award is for innovations that exceed current legislative requirements, whether it is technology, systems, or processes. The criteria for this award include full commitment right through the organization, a culture where all staff can raise health and safety issues, a health and safety risk management programme, regular audit reports, and evidence of collaboration with others to achieve the highest levels of health and safety within the organisation.

This year’s winner certainly presented a good innovation. It is Lyttelton Port Company – Eugene Beneke.

LPC operates a fleet of Noel straddle carriers which have a vast array of built-in telematics. Machine stability alarms, also known as ‘Tip Alarms’, were within the onboard data being captured and transmitted. A tip alarm is activated when the onboard computer calculates that the machine has reached a point of instability and could potentially tip over.

With over 10,000 tip alarms per month, the Post Company was alarmed. So a project was commenced early in 2022 and rolled out in 2023. This resulted in a drop-down to single digits. Congratulations to the Lyttelton Port Company on a very successful trial and implementation for safety at the port.

B4 The CILT Award for Rising Star Young Employee of the Year

Talya le Quesne from OjiFibres in Tauranga receiving the award from Steve Feilding from Netlogix

The award is for a young employee who embodies the mission of their employer, consistently produces quality work, and displays characteristics that are valued by their peers and colleagues as well as managers. It is always one of the most popular CILT awards.

This year’s winner embodies all the complex criteria and comes with excellent references. Interestingly, even as the judges were debating the merits of the different nominees, she received a significant promotion.

C1 Young Achiever of the Year

Delys Tansley from C3 (on left) and a very happy winner is Abbey Clapp from Lyttelton Port Company.

Abbey Clapp has successfully implemented a significant project and is not only highly regarded at work but also participates actively in external activities for the sector. Her referees spoke of her innovative problem-solving, developing excellent relationships both internally and with customers, excellent leadership skills, and more.

C3 The Sir Bob Owens Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Logistics, Transport, Supply Chain Sector & Community

Diane Edwards presenting the Bob Owens Award to Rosemarie Dawson of CBAFF.

Rosemarie first joined the NZ Institute of International Freight Forwarders in 1989 and 7 years later became CEO of the Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand (CBAFF), a position she has now held for 27 seven years.

She has been a driving force in addressing challenges and contributing to many successes within the logistics, transport, and supply chain sectors.

Rosemarie’s tireless advocacy for the industry and her dedication to networking have encouraged countless professionals to connect and collaborate. Her passion extends to mentoring young individuals and promoting individual development within the workplace.

Rosemarie leads BPSL, an organisation dedicated to supporting and developing the work of for-purpose organizations throughout New Zealand and beyond, as such and within several sectors, she has been a driving force in promoting professionalism and excellence through her leadership and example.

Rosemarie enjoys biking trails, gardening and travelling. On her spare time she acts as the financial manager for the Onewa Christian Community.