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City Rail Link – What lies beneath

Work to complete the twin tunnels beneath the Auckland Chief Post Office in Lower Queen Street is nearing the final stages, with the intricate job of transferring the listed building onto its new permanent foundations successfully completed

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Using rail to take pressure off roads

How do we choose if we move freight by road, rail, or coastal shipping modes in New Zealand? Is the true cost of moving freight by each of these modes understood and factored into the decision on which mode is used, or are some costs not fully included in this decision?

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Keeping freight flowing after the Kaikoura earthquake

The Kaikoura earthquake of 14 November 2016 devastated a large extent of the South Island east coast. It’s been a long road to restoration. Rob Merrifield’s article tells us what that restoration looks like, the challenges faced, and where it stands today. Photo by Glen Anthony.

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