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Embracing agile ecosystem through digital transformation

Firms are currently facing highly turbulent environments, with strong doses of dynamism, complexity, and uncertainty. Work has become knowlege intensive and geographically dispersed. In such a context, knowing the mechanisms that allow organisations to detect environmental changes and being able to adapt and offer the proper response to them becomes especially relevant.

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The Future Of Transport

Most supply chain experts extrapolate volume growth and trade routes based on economic modelling grounded in current paradigms – more people mean more freight movements; higher incomes will mean more demand for goods. With the world changing so rapidly, can we be sure this model will remain valid in future?

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E-commerce in New Zealand: Where next?

The pandemic has pushed kiwis to shop online more than ever before and parcels moving through NZ Post’s network are up an astonishing 25 per cent year-on-year. Peter Jones discusses latest e-commerce trends and offers thoughts on where this rapid growth is heading.

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