Generally over many years the transport and logistics industry has suffered from reduced opportunities for academic support for improving the education of employees. In fact the wider logistics industry has, generally speaking, relied very much on on-the-job training where continual attendance at work has been mixed with short-term courses or plainly observing and listening during the operation. Despite this lack of formal training opportunities people in the industry tend to move around between employers but rarely leave the fold entirely.

Mentoring services via CILT

As an industry leading organisation in transportation and logistics in New Zealand, who is seeking continuous improvements within all sectors of the industry, CILT realised the relevance of sustaining and empowering human resources within companies. CILT is encouraging industry leaders to become more involved in determining the future needs and skill requirements for the industry through a hands-on personal approach, backed by sound educational tools, encouraging innovation and holistic problem solving outside the standard current curriculum.

Education is only the start of the journey and an employee with great potential is unlikely to succeed without appropriate support, encouragement, leadership and more importantly inspiration from industry leaders.

Mentorship encompasses all of this, something CILT has recognised and has started to promote with the support of industry by introducing an annual sponsorship through the CILT awards programme. The mentoring programme is offered to anyone in the industry for a fee and will be adapted to the level of experience of the applicant and is able to start at any time.

CILT mentoring review by mentors and mentees (March 2021 magazine)

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