CILT Friday Factsheet 4

Well, I hope that you and your family are coping with your isolation; hopefully, not much longer….

When we hear some relevant supply – chain information, we will produce a Friday Factsheet for members.  Please provide any updates that we can circulate to others.

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CILT NZ Annual Awards event – date change. See:  The CILT NZ Annual Awards event was timed to coincide with the CILT International Convention in Perth in October 2020. This has now been delayed by 12 months so CILT NZ has changed the date of its event to be further from the long weekend.

Our event will now be on the 14th October 2020 – this year in Auckland.

The NZ event was geared towards the CILT International delegates that were expected to attend the NZ event directly after Perth.  The Perth postponement (and COVID-19)  has meant that the NZ has been scaled back to just our AGM and Awards dinner.  
Hazardous Substances and Covid-19Peter Roche (CMILT – mobile: 021 470 278 ) has advised that none of the rules about the handling or movement of hazardous substances has changed because of COVID-19.

If you need more details, you can contact Peter or have a look at:  
Truck registrations down 30%  Total registrations of new trucks and buses over 3500kg GVM sits at 411 for March – down 29.5% from March 2019. Isuzu is the market leader followed by Fuso, Hino and Mercedes-Benz.

Due to previously-expected sales, vehicle imports (trucks and cars) are still flowing in with a total of 22,116 arrivals in March 2020 compared to 17,932 the month before.  
How are Auckland Port going?  So far, so good – Operations have been running pretty well for all freight categories and we expect this to continue.

Our priorities are to “protect our staff from COVID-19”.

The best way to help POAL is to keep freight moving off the wharves and out of the Port. This includes non-essential freight moving out.

HOWEVER: Ministry of Transport state “that non-essential goods should not be distributed or unloaded”… “…. We are monitoring the issue of available containers to ensure there are enough available for the export market, and we have plans in place should we need to free up more containers”…

Margaret Harris from “Container Co” has advised that Container Co have advised MOT that there is no container shortage at this time.  
A busy two days at Port of Tauranga?    Port of Tauranga has completed it largest ever cargo exchange at its Tauranga Container Terminal for the delivery of vital supplies; 9367 TEUs on the Sally Maersk -now en-route for Taiwan).  The previous record for the Port was just under 7000 TEUs.  
CILT International  Database  Did you know that, as a member, you have access to this? What is it? We have put a link to this in the members section of  Have a look.  
How will our tourism start again?  Many people believe that full tourism cannot start again until a tried and tested vaccine is in place….  So, 12-18 months… maybe more !

Is there just a chance that Australia and NZ could open their doors to each other much earlier?    Could selected Pacific Islands be included in this giving us a “Pacific Bubble” away from the troubles in the US and Europe?

As China is coming out of this ahead of most, could they join our Pacific Bubble?

That would give us our two biggest tourism markets back….  

Some underdeveloped countries haven’t really seen COVID-19 yet…   
Air New Zealand Air Freight Charters  Air New Zealand is stepping up its air cargo services to help make sure freight keeps moving during the coronavirus lockdown. There are now limited domestic scheduled flights through the country with only essential travel and air cargo to stay operational.

While passenger flights have been drastically reduced, Air New Zealand is offering its cargo customers a charter service covering every port on its network with the exception of London.

On 5th April, the airline began a cargo service from Auckland to Shanghai with a Boeing 787 carrying premium local export goods.  Another measure introduced by the airline was the concept of a multi-party charter agreement designed to help small and medium-sized exports and importers move their goods.  This gives customers the option to purchase a single airfreight pallet position on a charter flight.  
According to the latest Shipping Gazette…Maersk are offering storage space for containers as many warehouses are still in lockdown and therefore cannot receive them.

Current inbound logistics volumes are strong due to returning Chinese factories clearing the backload of orders.  In the medium term, however…. Uncertainty.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company was forced to shut for four days over Easter due to a “malware attack”.  
Update from Kiwirail  Tourism – With the international tourism market now effectively shut down, our tourism services have been suspended until further notice.

Forestry – The majority of the forestry sector has been shut down from 25 March. Some pulp and paper mills remain operational.

Meat – The meat sector continues to operate, with export volumes protected as an essential service.
Dairy – An essential business, dairying remains operational as a key part of the NZ economy, although some plants are operating reduced days of operation.

Bulk – Steel and export coal have both been impacted.

Domestic – The decision to close non-essential businesses is expected to see a 30-50 percent reduction in domestic freight volumes. Road freight operators are also protecting and prioritising their own road fleets ahead of rail. KiwiRail expects commercial vehicles across Cook Strait to hold at the current two-ship volumes. KiwiRail is working closely with the supply chain industry to ensure freight continues to flow.

Import/Export – Import flows from China are recovering and will be solid for the next three to five weeks. Non-essential imports are becoming problematic for the supply chain, particularly for ports who lack enough container storage space.
How reliable is air-post?  “Royal Mail currently has New Zealand and many other countries “on suspension due to no flights available”, and no updates on when their backlog of international airfreight can be loaded. I’ve had a parcel sitting at RM’s air cargo facility near Heathrow for nine days now, posted 23rd March before Britain & NZ went into lockdown, and may not get it for weeks/months. “  
Hand Sanitiser Shortage?  If your workplace is short of PPE or hand sanitiser, a large shipment is arriving on 29.04.20.  Pre-orders taken.

Email: or call: 022 22 55225  

More information please…

Most of this information was provided to CILT through speaking to our members; if you have anything to add, please let me know –

Keith Robinson                    

CILT NZ President        17th April 2020