Managing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions in Supply-Chain

International transportation segment of the supply-chain is complex and often not accounted for when policymakers determine or present decarbonisation ambitions. From available information, it is understood that the international maritime and aviation sectors are preparing to limit emissions associated in commercial operations, technically categorised as Scope 3 greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions. However, progress is slow and accounting boundaries are often contended. This presentation will delve into the topic, status of negotiations and what supply-chain logistics participants could expect to evolve in this space that might challenge their bottom-line.

Event details

Presenters:Kar Rahul | PhD student (the University of Auckland)
Date:Thursday, 22nd June
In-person venue:University of Auckland Business School,Decima Glenn Room, Level 3
Online via Zoom:Link provided upon registration

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Kar Rahul | PhD student (the University of Auckland)

You are invited to hear from Kar Rahul, provisional year PhD Student at the University of Auckland. He holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. With over 26 years of professional career covering various aspects of climate change, sustainability, resilience, and finance, he is interested to transform academic research to innovative practical solutions and is keen on supply-chain interactions with sustainability matters.

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