Next Generation Central Asia – Panel Session

#PanelSession🌐| On February 14, Next Generation Central Asia, supported by the USAID Trade Central Asia Activity, will hold a regional panel session on “International Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenges”.

The geopolitical situation in the world, economic instability, labour shortages and rising commodity prices are affecting a wide range of industries, including international supply chain management. Future trends in supply chain management are centered around sources of production and distribution as well as technology.

Implementing supply chain changes is therefore a must, so logistics industry representatives will be better prepared to cope with any potential disruptions in 2023 and adapt to an ever-changing industry.

The speakers for the panel session are:
– Berna Akyıldız – WiLAT Turkey Chairperson, “TGL TRANSTAS GLOBAL” Vice President
– David I. Wilson – Professor of University of Melbourne, PhD

Moderator: Arailym Maratkyzy – Next Generation Central Asia & Middle East Chairperson

To participate in the panel session, please register at ➡️

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If you have any questions, please contact us on the details below:

Aiym – NexGen/WiLAT Central Asia coordinator
(T) +7 777 324 53 84 A