Call for Papers – WSTLUR 2024

The WSTLUR 2024 International Conference aims to bring together scholars and policymakers in transportation and land use research to share insights and ideas on how innovation and technology, are transforming urban landscapes and transportation systems in our post-pandemic world. What strategies can be employed to navigate these changes? With traditional and emerging transport services operating worldwide, the 2024 Conference will also highlight the transport and land use systems in the Global South, ranging from BRT systems operating in Latin America to various forms of formal and informal mobility services co-existing in Asia and Africa.

We are specifically interested in seeking papers from the themes described below; however, papers outside of these themes can be submitted to the general call. Theme leaders will be in charge of the paper review and selection process. Questions about the specific themes should be directed to the theme leaders identified below. Detailed descriptions of these themes are below.

We seek original papers on the interaction of transport and land use from the broad set of disciplines engaged in transport and land use research. 

Papers must be submitted by December 15, 2023.

Submit a paper.

WSTLUR membership is not required to submit a paper. Each conference registrant may be a co-author on multiple papers, but there is a limit of one presentation per registrant. Sessions will be developed from high-quality papers received and authors of a select number of papers will be invited, based upon their conference reviews, to submit them for review for publication in the Journal of Transport and Land Use and in a special issue of Transportation Research Record.