CILT International Courses – Australia & New Zealand

CILT NZ and CILT AUS are cooperating in terms of CILT international course deliveries.

AcademyGlobal’s interuniversity competition across Australia and New Zealand with University students in New Zealand. In this fast-paced competition, students will work in teams to demonstrate their financial and commercial acumen as they tackle simulated business challenges in a game designed to mirror the pressures of real-world business decision-making.

For more information about the competition and registration please visit

For more details, please see the brochure attached below.

Sriramprasanth Sivasubramani BE, MBA, MILT

Associate Director

AcademyGlobalPty Ltd

Level 8 

3 Spring Street, Sydney NSW 2000 

1300 950 251 | +61 (2) 9135 2977 

+ 61 414 278 957 |

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