ISL 2020 Announcement and Call for Papers – Seoul, South Korea, July 12-15, 2020

The 25th edition of ISL for 2020 will take place between 12th – 15th of July in Seoul, South Korea.

The theme of the conference is Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Journal Collaboration

ISL 2020 is collaborating with its long term partner, the International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM), whereby selected manuscripts will be invited to submit to the journal.

ISL Best Doctoral Paper Award

The Annual ISL Best Doctoral Paper Award is designed to recognise and encourage new ideas and targeted research in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Doctoral candidates are hence invited to submit appropriate research papers. The paper will be reviewed by the members of the PhD Award Committee, who will consider aspects such as originality, contribution, and quality of presentation. The prize will be awarded at the conference. The winner will receive $100 (or equivalent) and a certificate. The conditions are:

1. The student must be PhD-candidate at the time of abstract submission.

2. The submitted paper must report on original research conducted mainly by the PhD candidate.

3. The paper must be presented by the student at the conference.

4. The student must be the first author.

Following the conference, a brief personal profile of the winner should be sent for inclusion on the ISL website.

Contact Details

For queries, please contact our conference administrator:

Maeve Rohde:

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