2019 Award Winners

The CILT Annual Awards Presentation Dinner was held at the InterContinental Hotel in Wellington on 18 October 2019.  It was an opportunity to celebrate excellence across the transport and logistics sectors, the centenary of CILT internationally and 60 years of self-governance for CILT NZ.

The event opened with a toast to the past Chairs and President present at the dinner.

Recognition was also given to Stewart Milne, a former CILT NZ chair and International President for CILT Internationally.

Mentoring Scholarships

The CILT Mentoring programme matches people seeking to progress their careers to work with mentors who share their knowledge and insights from working in the transport and logistics sectors. The mentor provides support and assists the mentee resolve challenges through confidential, open and honest discussion.

One previous scholarship winner who has completed the mentoring programme received their Certificate of Completion.

Completion of Mentoring Programme Certificate

Certificate presented by Dr Jean-Paul Thull to: Elizabeth Anderson
Winner of the 2019 Scholarship: Xuzhao Yan

Life Memberships

There were two life memberships awarded. Recipients must have attained the age of 75 years and have been a member for at least 25 years.

Life Members:

Ken Gilligan, 34 years of membership, Central Section
Graeme Poole, 29 years of membership, Northern Section

Academic Awards

The Logistics Training Group Award

For the Top New Zealand Graduate in the CILT-UK Professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport 2019

Winner: John McKnight

Sponsor: Logistics Training Group

John McKnight received his certificate from Tessa Glass of LTG

The CILT Communications Award 2019 for under 35s

This award is to encourage the development of young professionals by providing recognition for articles in magazines or for presentations at Section meetings, CILT forums/workshops, industry conferences and forums.

The judges awarded a Highly Commended Certificate to Heather Riches.  This was presented by Dr Robin Dunlop, sponsor of the award.

Heather Riches presented with the Highly Commended Certificate by Dr. Robin Dunlop (sponsor of the award)

The winner for 2019 was Robyn Findlay.

Unfortunately Robyn was unable to attend the dinner and her certificate was presented by the sponsor, Dr Robin Dunlop, to Jim Harland, co-chair of the Road Controlling Authorities’ Forum, where Robyn had given her award-winning presentation.

Jim Harland received the award on behalf of Robyn Findlay.

The CILT Communications Award 2019 (Open)

This award provides recognition for articles in magazines or for presentations at Section meetings, CILT forums/workshops, industry conferences and forums.

Winner: Ashu Kedia (Doctoral Student in Transportation Engineering at University of Canterbury). Ashu is working under the guidance of Emeritus Professor Alan Nicholson and Dr. Diana Kusumastuti.

Ashu is presented with his award by Dr Robin Dunlop on behalf of CILT NZ.

The CILT Award for Implementation and Practice 2019

This is an award for the organization(s) or team that has demonstrated sustained excellence in supply chain management/logistics/transport implementation and practice. We have two winners this year, both of whom have embraced modern technology to manage their logistics activities.

Winner: TIL Logistics Ltd

Sponsor: Cubic

Alan Pearson of TIL Logistics Ltd was presented with the award by Dave Anderson of Cubic, the award sponsor.

The CILT Award for Innovation in the Transport and Logistics Sectors 2019

The winner of this award must show a substantial level of success of the individuals or of their organizations involvement in the sector. This includes innovation in systems and technology in the new Zealand supply chain sector, public transport, cost effective innovation in safety devices, systems, procedures and regulations including care of the environment and bio-security in any aspect of the New Zealand logistics, transport or supply chain sectors involving the movement of people and freight.

Winner: Waste Management NZ

Scott Shirley of Dexion presented the award to Jitesh Singh

The CILT Award for Rising Star Young Employee of the Year 2019

Sponsor: L G Anderson Ltd Transport

This new award recognises a young employee (under 35) in the transport and logistics sectors who embodies the mission of their employer, consistently produces quality work and displays characteristics that are valued by their peers and colleagues as well as managers.

The award was presented by the Hon Julie Anne Genter, Associate Minister of Transport and Minister for Women.

The judges awarded a Highly Commended Certificate to Rebecca Tuke, here receiving her certificate from Hon Julie Anne Genter

Rebecca Tuke (from Abley) received her Highly Commended Certificate from Hon Julie Anne Genter

The winner of the new Rising Star award is Isabella Bennich-Wolter, seen here receiving her certificate from Hon Julie Anne Genter.

Isabella Bennich-Wolter receiving her award from Hon Julie Anne Genter

President’s Award

The President’s Award is given on occasions for special contributions made by members to the Institute or to logistics and transport industries. Fiona Knight was presented with the award by the Immediate Past President, Cormac McBride.

Fiona Knight receiving the award from the Immediate Past President, Cormac McBride.

Excellence Category Awards

Young Achiever of the Year 2019

The purpose of the Award is to provide incentive for and recognition of young achievers who are actively involved in the day-to-day operation and development of transport and/or logistics in New Zealand. The prize, sponsored generously by Foodstuffs NZ, is attendance at the next year’s CILT International Conference in Perth, Australia.

Winner: Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth is presented with her certificate by Gareth Macfarlane from Foodstuffs North Island.

The Norman Spencer Memorial Medal for Contribution to Transport and the Institute

This Award is a memorial to Norman Spencer, the first Chairman of the New Zealand Division of The Chartered Institute of Transport, 1959 – 1962.

The Norman Spencer Memorial Medal recognises some-one of the highest calibre from the transport and logistics sectors, who has made meaningful contributions to their sector as well as to the Chartered Institute itself. This year’s winner, Tim Munro, has contributed substantially to the logistics, transport, and supply chain profession and its people for over 40 years. He was the inaugural President of CILT 2002-2003 after the merger of the Chartered Institute of Transport (CIT) with the Logistics Management Association (LMA), and had been the LMA Chair during the merger. Tim currently operates as an independent procurement, supply chain and logistics consultant under his own company, Infracure. Respected across industry for his ability to provide a team approach to tasks and still achieve the required collaborative outcomes, Tim is also known for his friendly demeanour and quick sense of humour.

After 40 years of service to logistics, transport, training & development, wider supply chain functions and to this institute and its LMA predecessor, Tim Munro (last Chair of LMA and the Inaugural President of CILT NZ) has been judged by his peers as a worthy recipient of the Norman Spencer memorial Medal.

Brodie Stevens gives the citation for this award.

Tim Munro, winner of the Norman Spencer memorial medal 2019.

Eight previous winners of this award were also at the dinner, and received miniature medals from Cormac McBride, Immediate Past President.

The Sir Bob Owens Award

The Sir Bob Owens award is for an outstanding contribution to the logistics, transport or supply chain sectors. The winner is someone who has promoted professionalism and excellence through leadership and example; they have encouraged young people to enter the sector and assisted them in their development, and they have provided personal leadership on a voluntary basis in the wider community beyond anything to do with their paid employment.

The winner for 2019 is Rick van Barneveld

Fiona Knight presenting the citation for this award.

Rick is a transportation, procurement and management consulting professional who has a wealth of experience in the road and rail industries going back to the 1980s. He has been Transit’s land transport manager, national highways manager and chief executive; he has worked on the project to plan, design and construct a 215 km railway in Queensland; and spent five years as the general manager of infrastructure and engineering for KiwiRail.

He has extensive experience in procurement, performance-based contracts, institutional strengthening and asset management. His change management capabilities include a proven record of building a talented team with a reputation for innovation and efficiency in times of change. He is skilled at establishing relationships across change agendas with leaders from central and local government, businesses and suppliers, and has experience reorganising seven regional businesses into a single national functional structure.

Outside of work, Rick has a vintage car and is a cautious Harley rider. Mountain biking provides a bit of exercise and adrenalin. Most important, however, are Jeanette and their three grown sons and their families, alongside his commitment to a city church.

Upon receiving the award, Rick said: “You have to have people around you that believe in you, and I’ve been lucky to have had lots of them.”

President Keith Robinson presenting Rick with the trophy for this award.

Eight of the previous winners were in attendance to receive a miniature medal commemorating their achievement.

The awards dinner concluded with a toast to the next 60 years, made by the new Young Achiever, Elizabeth Anderson.